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LP has always been a focused individual. And she has always had plans…I think it a main drive in her early mastery of words was “get these big people in on what the plan is.”

And turning 3 has turned up the passion for her plans. She wakes up in the morning with ideas for the moment and the day and goes to sleep at night talking about her next plans with her loveys.

She often bursts from her room after “quiet time” (in quotes because it is rarely quiet) with a list of what comes next. This morning she arrived by our bed with an armful of pandas who NEEDED a walk and then to be wrapped in a blanket while LP ate yogurt with frozen raspberries.

ImprovDad and I are both pretty delighted by her plans. We want to raise a strong girl who can articulate and follow her passions.

Of course, true to her stage of development, interruptions in her plan are met with protest. So I’m attempting to be creative so I still say “yes!” to the plan and her enthusiasm and also can 1) disengage myself when I need a break or have something else I’m doing or 2) there’s something else I need her to do (like submit to a diaper change or get her shoes on).

Today as I was trying to wrangle these thoughts into a post, I had the “a-ha!” that some of my delight in LP’s plans come from the commitment that she brings to them…it is full commitment of body and spirit.

One of the principles of improv is just that — COMMITMENT. When we’re creating, it is so easy to get scared or unsure or even just plain confused (I’ve had that moment on stage plenty of times..what just happened?). Commitment is the answer. I’ve experienced it and witnessed it so many times with improvisors on and offstage. When we commit and really commit with our whole body and spirit, our confidence grows and we start to delight again in the act of creation and the experiences we’re having. An example I use in teaching is often in rhyming games which is “a word rhymes with itself — cat rhymes with cat perfectly. A word rhymes with a similar sounding real word — cat rhymes with bat and also with a made up word — cat rhymes with giblat. AND cat rhymes with dog if you say it with enough commitment.”

In reflecting on this, I see that I’ve been in a low-commitment zone. My mind feels a bit fuzzy and I have a slew of unfinished business. None of those projects has hit the crisis mode…and all seem to be in meandering mode. Even my novel is sputtering.

I think I need to see if I can approach even one of these lingering projects with some of LP’s energy. If I were to write my novel the way LP tells a story…well, that’s an interesting idea… I imagine that I’d be enjoy

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