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“Old-fashioned playtime has become an increasingly quaint activity – children play an estimated eight hours fewer a week than they did a decade ago.”

~Tralee Pearce in “Relearning the lost art of child’s play” on The Globe and Mail website

And more food for playful thoughts:

“Teaching the Skills of Democracy through Play” by Teacher Tom

“Listening to Your Child: How Play can Help” on Messy Kids

“You’re good hiders” by Morgan Leichter-Saxby


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Our DVD player gave up the ghost a few weeks ago…so this week, LP & I were able to start exploring its insides.

I was not a tinkering kind of kid so I’ve actually never taken anything like a DVD player apart before. I figured that there were couple of different joys to be found in the experience from seeing the mysterious insides to finding new uses for the pieces and parts.

So I spread out a sheet to protect the floor, grabbed a few screwdrivers and we went to work.

Most of the screws were quite small and hard for LP to even attempt on her own.  I did about half of them on my own and loosened the other half to where she could work them out with her fingers.

I think much of the deconstruction process was a bit more fun for me than for her.  She left me to finish up finding and taking out the 100 million screws while she bopped between playing with various things in the same room and coming back to explore the pieces and parts. It was interesting to watch how certain pieces certainly triggered her imagination.

And when a girl has found pieces like this, what else can she do but cook up some ukulele candy?

I think the insides have a lot of life in them as playthings and I’m very curious to see what LP transforms them into next time.  While I have ideas for art projects, I’m waiting to follow her lead and discover what ideas she cooks up next. (And hoping, of course, that she doesn’t put the ukulele candy in my ukulele!)

This post is part of “We Play” over at Childhood 101…always lots of fun and interesting ideas to explore there!

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“Learning to trust yourself and your own imagination is a learned skill.”

~ Megan Tietz of SortaCrunchy in the post “Sometimes You Improvise” on SteadyMom.


“The Central Importance of Play” on The Imagination Tree

“What is this thing?” — Helping your child to discover, explore and learn! on The Ultimate Block Party blog


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