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This idea is borrowed from our friends down the block. Last week when LP & I went over to play, her friend E showed us his outdoor kitchen. I thought it was a brilliant idea AND we have a lot of old building supplies hanging around (cinder blocks, slate slabs, bricks).  Since we rent and the owner wants to hold on to this stuff, this is a great way to use it and not just keep moving it out of the way.

LP & I planted a “kitchen garden” of parsley, basil & poppies in the cinder blocks.  We’ll see what happens…for the meantime, it has added a new fun element to the yard.

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Yesterday was a rainy day and LP & I were feeling it here at the Improv-a-Mama house.

She was up early and had started bouncing from thing to thing.  Even before 9am I was feeling a little overwhelmed thinking of how to keep this little person engaged (and therefore not driving me up a wall) for more than 5 minutes.

She was into painting and what a great activity it turned out to be – 45 minutes!

I started her off (by request) with red & pink paint with paper and a sponge heart cutout to make valentines.  When she was losing interest, I brought out other colors of paint to add to the mix. Then pinto beans.  Then cornstarch. And finally, scraps of felt.

Clean up could rightly be called part of the activity. LP was pretty covered with paint (truly her own self remains her favorite canvas) and enjoyed watching the water in the basin turn colors as she swished her hands around in it.

Having her settle into something gave me the headspace (and time) I needed and I enjoyed watching her play with the materials expand and change. I offered the materials (or responded to her requests for more paint or cornstarch) and let her play with them.

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