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The 6 Alabamas lead LP's herd of horses (the one on the far right has an elaborate chenille stick headpiece on!)

I’ve always been fascinated by how LP names her stuffies and other critters. Some of her names are deliciously inventive (Violin Case, Exploding Strawberries, Glue), some are tributes (most of the pandas are named after real pandas she’s learned about through books or at zoos), some are classic (Quackie the duck, Heehaw the donkey) and then there are a few names that she just loves and uses again and again.

For awhile she used her favorite names just twice and then on different critters ~ there was an Amanda the panda and Amanda the horse, a Mama Lynn the panda and Mama Lynn the horse, Alabama the horse and Alabama the ukulele (everything gets named around here!).  At first, I admit, I thought it was a bit odd, but of course, she knows more than one Sofia and more than one Jonah and more than one Sasha.  Why not share a favorite name?

Over the past few months, a number of new horses have come into her life and now she has six with the name Alabama.  Yesterday she rearranged the herd so that all the Alabamas were in front and gleefully said, “If someone says ‘Alabama!’ six horses will neigh!” And she laughed and laughed and I laughed with her.

It will be interesting to watch the name thing evolve…will the Alabamas hang together as a group? Distinguish themselves in certain ways? Be renamed? Or….will there be a seventh Alabama?

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