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“A fresh story is like fresh homemade bread from the oven. There is just nothing that feeds the mind and heart as well.”

~ Megan Rosker in “Mama, Tell Me a Story” on Let the Children Play

And here’s more playful food for thought:

“5 Reasons Why Kids Should Play in School” by Kerala Taylor on MomsRising.org
“Catalyzing Creativity:  7 Playful Activity Books for Grown-Ups”  by Maria Popova on Brain Pickings


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“Daydreams are a highly creative form of mental engagement and a necessary way for children–lacking real-world experience–to process complex information and emotions.”

~ “How Daydreaming Helps Children Process Information and Explore Ideas” by Amy Fries on Psychology Today

And more playful food for thought from around the web:

“Responding to Children’s Spontaneous Experimentation” by Christie Burnett on Childhood 101

“Guest Post: FiveFreedoms I Had that My Daughter Won’t” by Kerala Taylor on Free Range Kids

“The Junk Box: A Collection of Odds and Ends for Inspiring Creativity” by Jaimie on Two Chicks and a Hen

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“Attention is the starting place of every intuitive story. In order to make up a story on the spot, we need to start. We need a seed. We need a launching pad. And the world is ready to help you. The world will surround you with seeds and a launching pad and all you have to do is attend. Pay attention. Look around. Listen. Smell the air. Taste your food. Feel your feet in your shoes. Be there. Then the magic happens.”

~ David Sewell McCann in “Attention: The First A of Intuitive Storytelling” on The Wonder of Childhood

(I highly recommend his whole series of posts on intuitive storytelling — wonderful way to think about making up stories!)

And of course there’s always more delicious playful food for thought:

“The Case for Imaginative Play: Emotions and Fears” by Christie Burnett on Childhood101

“A Scavenger Hunt (and make)” by Jean on the Artful Parent

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“As adults we have preferred areas of interest, activities and ways of learning. So it is natural that children do too. But that is not to say that we cannot (or should not) introduce them to other types of activities, to help them discover new potential interests, passions or  ways to play.”

~Christie Burnett in “But my Child Doesn’t Like to Play _____” on Childhood101

And some more playful food for thought:

“Baby-Led Adventures – 5 Reasons Babies Need to Lead” by Janet Lansbury, Elevating Child Care blog

“Worth repeating: The value of creative play and The Case for Make Believe” on Parents for Ethical Marketing

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“People can be creative at anything in life, not just the arts. And thank goodness they are! We need creative people in all areas of life. Creativity is not just about putting paint to paper, it’s about creating something new, novel. It’s about looking at something in a fresh way or coming up with a unique solution to a problem.”

~ Jean Van’t Hul   in the post “On Creativity” on the Artful Parent

Here’s more playful food for thought from around the web:

Share your childhood play memories by participating in The Global Play Memory Project.

“Non-Toxic Homemade Bubbles and 5 More Fun Backyard Activities” by Emily McClements on Simple Organic

“I’m Bored, Mom: Unplugged Play at Home” by Jamie Martin on Simple Homeschool

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“… there it is… nature’s endless treasure hunt of things large and small to fascinate the curious, inspire the imaginative, and humble us all. Like a small child, nature never stops growing and changing. And like a great teacher, nature always has something new to share. Excitement-hungry kids never tire of nature because nature always has another mystery up her sleeve.”

~ “You Can’t Run Uphill Indoors” by Gill Connell on Moving Smart

And here’s more playful food for thought:

“How to Start a Neighborhood Camp with Kids as Counselors!” on Free Range Kids (Such an exciting idea! I’d like to make this happen in my neighborhood…maybe even as a one day pilot program later this summer!)

“Alison Gopnik on the Imagination” on Philosophy Bites

“Prescription for Play: Physicians speak out on the importance of play for children’s health” on KaBOOM! blog


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1. A comprehensive reference network of unique play ideas categorised according to the type of play and hosted at childhood101.com.”

~ “Introducing Playopedia” by Christie Burnett at Childhood 101


“Sensory Play Inspiration to get You Going” by Amanda Morgan on Not Just Cute

“Play Broadens and Deepens the Mind” by Robert Hess on Playborhood

“Creation on Command: What We Know” by Jonah Lehrer on Daily Good

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