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Bookstore Dog

Oh, I have about twenty posts to write about LP’s life as a dog.

But for now, I think her song captures some of the essence. Picture LP industriously using blue painters tape all over the dining room built-in cabinet and walls to create her bookstore as she sings:

Oh, I wanna be a bookstore dog.

Oh, I’m making a bookstore.

Now I’m letting everyone know,

This is a surprise.

I’m not adopted yet.

I’m not adopted yet.

I’m being adopted.

I’m being taken care of.

I’m gonna be a bookstore dog, a bookstore dog.

I let the world know, this is my house.

Yup. That’s pretty much the song a bookstore dog would sing.

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When she grows up…

Last night at dinner, the Little Person told us her plans.

“When I grow up I’m going to be a mama dog and I’ll stand up so my puppies can nurse. I’ll have five puppies. They’ll be red, blue, yellow, orange and pink.  Their names are Astro, Lad, Lynn and Alabama. The smallest one doesn’t want a name so I’ll call her Lemon.”


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LP & I spent the first 4 nights of our trip at my Dad’s place.  In addition to rearranging as much stuff as she could, LP made up some new games. My favorite was “Hearts Away!”

To play Hearts Away:
1. Stand at the top of the stairs holding a large ball (this is even better if you can get one or two people like your Mama and Grandpa to stand with you)

2. Squeeze the ball while you bounce up and down.

3. Throw the ball down the stairs while yelling “Hearts Away!”

4. Climb down stairs to retrieve the ball (again, this is better if you can get the big people to come with you)

5.  Repeat.

6. Repeat.

7. Repeat (until the big people wander off to do other things)

There was a second game called “Dog on the Milk” which involved moving a stuffed dog (named “All Pandas”) around the apartment but LP gave up on it after getting frustrated with me for not understanding the rules of the game.

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LP’s problem…

This conversation happened last week during dinner. ImprovDad was away so it was just LP & I and it had been a rather long day.

LP:  I need help.

Me: What do you need help with, babe?

LP: I have a problem.

Me: What’s the problem?

LP: I can’t play with anything because I’m too tired.

It was easy to empathize with that because I was too tired too. AND it was definitely one of those parenting moments that it was hard not to laugh.  She just encapsulated the work of childhood so well ~ her work is play at this stage of the game, so being too tired to play is serious.

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